Groovin the Moo

April 12

The GTM 2019 app is here!

We’re super duper excited to announce that our official GTM 2019 app is available for download!

Thanks to our pals at Spotify, the app is your go-to for all the festival info you need to know! In the app you can create your own festival schedule for the day (click the + button next to their set time to add), stream songs from artists on the line up, and create yourself a personalised Spotify playlist by clicking the headphones icon! HOW GOOD.

DON’T FORGET: The app works offline! Check your schedule or find out all the info you need right at the festival no matter how much reception you have.


The app is now available to download now from:

App Store

Google Play


Check out our Groovin the Moo 2019 line up playlist below.

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