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April 07

The Smith Street Band Album Review

The Smith Street Band’s highly anticipated 4th studio album More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me is here. We dive into the rise and fall of a relationship as Wil picks up the pieces and moves on in this cathartic release! *Hint: It’s their best yet.

More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me starts off with a bang. “Forrest” immediately sets a ferocious, driving pace, opening up the album with little room to breathe until “Spent the morning, cleaning my room” clears the air, then dives head first into hit single “Birthdays”. Fan favourite anthem “Death to the Lads” follows, delivering three back to back slamming tracks that absorb you into Wil’s wild, passionate, and poetic world.

The album showcases a reformed Wil. He’s still brutally honest, touching on some hard-hitting topics like mental health in “25”, “It Kills Me To Be Alive” and “Suffer” but his delivery shows a brighter character after coming to terms with emotional grief – he’s made it to the other side. Looking back on his experiences brings out some great examples of his hyperliteral, poetic wordsmith’ery, particularly mid-way through “Passiona”

“I’m absolutely, infinitely more scared of you than you are of me…oh god if it was only that easy to run from what I’ve achieved, I’ve let it define me… This is not work ethic it’s survival technique!”

There’s no shortage of unfiltered self-expression here. At times energetic, other times sobering (“Song For You”) It’s essentially what music is all about and all Smithies fans highly resonate with this universal connection of words, reflecting on the mundane, raw and beautiful moments life holds for us.

The 12-track showcase ends with “Laughing (Or Pretending To Laugh)” documenting where it all began and glimpses over love as its simplest ideal. It’s an endearing reminder that people come and go, but fragments of love remain and they are beautiful, simply in their own right.

More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me romanticises heartbreak with triumph. It’s universally relatable and the boys wear their heart on their sleeve as always, demonstrating deep layered tracks with amazing production values.

We can’t wait for The Smith Street Band to jump on the GTM 2017 tour bus!

Stream the album below!

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