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March 11

Become our official Moo Mixologist!

ATTN all playlisters! We’re on the hunt for our GTM 2018 Moo Mixologist!

If you’re the go-to amongst your friends for new music suggestions and playlisting is your forte, then this competition is for you! We want you to put together the best selection of tunes that will get the dance floor pumping, and it could be chosen to open every Groovin the Moo across the country!

But that’s not all. 

If you’re the chosen one, you’ll also receive:

– 2 x tickets to your chosen Groovin the Moo show.

– 12 months Spotify Premium.

– And of course, the almighty crown of ‘Best Playlist on Ground’ with your chosen tracks opening all Groovin the Moo shows in 2018.

How do you enter? EASY! There are only a couple of rules…

– Create a Spotify playlist (12-30 songs).

– You can’t include songs from artists on the line up – no double-ups. That means you must narrow it down to 1 song per artist.

– Be as creative as you can! Party starters to old classics and everything in between.

Spotify’s Australian Playlist Curator is the judge and jury. They will pick their favourite playlist (one they deem to match all the criteria) and that person will be the winner. Good luck!



March 09

Weaving through the light & dark elements of Ocean Alley’s ‘Chiaroscuro’

It’s safe to say Ocean Alley have solidified themselves as Australia’s grooviest band right now and with damn good reason. Chiaroscuro, like the band’s latest single, is confident and refined, taking you on a psychedelic adventure through a hazy Summer that is out of this era (and world). 

“We didn’t really go out with a set plan of how the album should turn out. But once we started writing a few songs the middle of last year, a sort of theme emerged of light and dark and there were two groups we could put these songs in that we were writing.” 

The album title Chiaroscuro is a word from the Renaissance – chiaro, ”light” and scuro, “dark”. It represents a strong, tonal contrast between light and dark that defines a three-dimensional object, or in this case, defining the band’s album as a whole. It’s filled with utterly blissful highs and heartbreaking lows, all bound together forming an honest representation of the band and how far they’ve come. 

We thought we’d dive into Chiaroscuro and try to decipher which tracks fit into the ‘light’ and ‘dark’ themes of this complex album. 



The opening track of the album is kind of like walking into a really cool house party for the first time, being infatuated in the haze of a good time and the unknowns that come with it. It’s a great slow burner and kicks off the album with floaty psychedelic riffs.  

Our verdict: Light 


The Comedown 

‘The Comedown’ didn’t win #48 on the Hottest 100 for no reason. The already popular single details the aftermath to a party and all the emotions that follow. We’ve all felt like we’ve been in a helpless state before, so that sense of relatability rings true throughout the song. 

Fun fact: The boys wrote this song after playing Groovin the Moo Maitland. So we look forward to the album that comes out of them playing the whole tour this year! 

Our verdict: Dark 


Happy Sad 

Ever had a relationship breakdown and pondered the possibilities that could have been, good or bad? This song is for you. They manage to weave melodic guitar riffs, piano chords and honest lyrics into a heartfelt piece that leaves you feeling all the feels. Happy Sad is definitely a fist-to-heart anthem, just wait for that build toward the end of the track and you’ll know what we mean. It’s our personal fave and we’re gunna call it – the standout of the album.  

Our verdict: Dark and then emerges into the Light 😛  



Possibly the catchiest tune of 2018, ‘Confidence’ is Ocean Alley at their groovy, addictive best. The song sticks with you long after it’s over and has you looking for the repeat button. We dare say this one will be a crowd favourite come GTM time! 

Our verdict: Light 



Knees is an interesting one. It’s mellow, reflective and deals with life’s uncertainties and expectations, reaching a point where you need to ask for guidance, even though you’re doing the best you can. It’s a slow jam full of wah wah pedals that builds. All the pent-up frustration bursts out as the song reaches the final chorus, providing us with an epic conclusion that says to us: it’s okay to not know what you’re doing or what direction you’re heading in right now. 

It’s the kind of song that’s meaning can be different to everyone under their own unique circumstances. 

Overall verdict: Dark 



We can literally feel this one in our bones! It’s relentless, more upbeat than their usual stuff and would pair perfectly with a training montage. The vocals compliment the sonic guitar rhythms on an emotional level, creating a powerful, driving track. It’s another taste of the band’s versatility.  

Overall verdict: Light 


Flowers & Booze 

Reminiscent of Summer days, late nights with good company and great moments causing mischief. ‘Flowers & Booze’ sets a fun, carefree tone towards the end of the album and we’re ready to vibe & dance! 

Our verdict: Light 


Man You Were Looking For 

A sombre, acoustic ending to an upbeat album that leaves us wanting more. It’s a great display of Ocean Alley’s intimate, honest lyricism which throughout the album can sometimes take a backseat to their psychedelic sound.  

We’re mostly just sad that the album is over. 

Overall verdict: Dark 


You can stream Chiaroscuro in full right now!  

March 02

5 freestyles for your Friday with Lady Leshurr!

New year, new Leshurr! We received a little treat this morning from UK’s grime Queen – Lady Leshurr. She’s added her own flavour to Rich The Kid & Kendrick Lamar’s 2017 huge tune ‘New Freezer’ and it’s FIRE! She’s at the top of her game right now, dominating the almost exclusively male grime scene. Get amongst ‘New Freezer’ below!


Her 10th mixtape UNSTABLE is due out later this year, but in the meantime, we’ve put together our top 5 Lady Leshurr freestyles you NEED to get your ears around (and memorise) before GTM 2018! Let’s get started.



Confident, bold and controversial is one way to describe 2018’s ‘R.I.P’. In response to some online chatter, ‘R.I.P’ was recorded, shot, edited and released within 24 hours and oh man she fires off bomb after bomb on this one!


UNLEASHED #3 (Humble Freestyle)

triple j’s Hottest 100 #1 of 2017 gets a run for its money with this huge flip! Soz Kendrick.

 Sit down, you stumbled, they fell, you crumbled, quit now, they dumbos” 🔥

Skip to 2:40 for an intimate solo verse at the end paying tribute to the late Robert Anker, who was part of the act Diversity (winners of Britain’s Got Talent in 2009).


Queens Speech 7

The Queen at her peak in every sense. Only Lady Leshurr could enter a motorway on a real life camel and spit bars as cars pass her by. Need we say more? Just watch the clip.

“Side note bar, your girlfriend looks like Sideshow Bob” 😂


BBC Radio 1Xtra with Lady Lykes

Lady Leshurr teams up with Lady Lykez in the booth for an impressive 11 minutes of pure gold (and endurance)!


Queen’s Speech 3

“Mad Ting!” Leshurr goes hard right from the beginning on this freestyle, getting down and dirty – from dissing girls who take their shoes off at raves, to referencing Destiny’s Child “I’ll be Beyonce to these girls and I’ll Michelle them” damn girl! 💅


Catch more insane freestyles from the Queen herself LIVE at Groovin the Moo 2018!


February 28

Flight Facilities soar to new heights with ‘Need You’!

Oh man, Flight Facilities can do no wrong.

The Sydney duo have released their new tune ‘Need You’ and yep, it’s damn tasty.

We’ve had a few glimpses of new FF in 2017 with the release of two incredible tunes, ‘Arty Boy’ ft. Emma Louise and ‘Stranded’ ft. BROODS & Reggie Watts, and now 2018 is off to a cracking start with ‘Need You’ with the promise of more music on the way.

It’s Flight Facilities at their catchy, synth-pop best and it makes us wanna get loose on the dance floor! Just TRY to keep your head from bopping and your feet from tapping while listening to this one. NOT POSSIBLE.

Fun fact: The song features NZ singer/songwriter NÏKA who is a sister of one of the BROODS duo who featured on ‘Stranded’. Mind = BLOWN.

Get listening to ‘Need You’ below!

February 21

Introducing GTM’s Canberra Commoonity program for 2018

At the heart of Groovin the Moo’s (GTM) festival philosophy is the desire to showcase and support communities and regions that are often those less travelled. GTM’s Community Program has been developing organically each year and we’re thrilled to announce what we’ve got in store for Canberra in 2018.

The Maker Station

The Maker Station is a free service where GTM ticket holders can get involved with some craft under the guidance of local artists and DIY experts at each show. The Station will be situated near the Universal Store Phone Charging Tent and the team at Wellspring will be fashioning “party holsters” from recycled milk bottles to store all your festival essentials in.


The legends at HEAPS GAY started a few years ago as a series of parties for LGBTIQ+ kids and their friends and has since become a regular party starter in the Sydney scene for anyone who wants to have fun and support good causes. Last year, our gr8 m8s created the super fun safe space The HEAPS GAY Milk Bar at GTM Canberra and this year they’ll be back to spread glitter, good vibes, classic tunes and a spot of country drag.


Photo credit: Steve Astorga

Powder Pen

Returning in 2018, GTM’s Powder Pen will keep you looking festival fresh around the country! For a small donation, you can get a quick hair and make-up “zjoosh” thanks to Cindy Rue. A portion of proceeds from the Powder Pen will go back to the charity of the salons’ choice.


Photo credit: James Simpson

Local Fundraisers and Business Involvement

Fundraising opportunities have been allocated to UC Hockey Club who will manage the carpark.  The Well will be hosting a pre-event GTM Canberra warm up party.

Work Experience

Our work experience groups for Canberra include the University of Canberra and The Street University along with youth disability specialist school Black Mountain School. All participants will gain experience in a range of areas including Artist Liaison, Event, Publicity, Production and festival bump in and bump out.

Photo credit: James Simpson

To revisit the National Commoonity Program please head here.   



Tickets are available online via or, by phoning 1300 GET TIX (438 849), or at local outlets (visit our website for a full list of outlets in your area).

GTM is a licensed all ages event.


Main image photo credit: Steve Astorga

February 21

GTM’s National commoonity program is here!

If Groovin the Moo (GTM) had to identify as an item in a homewares store, it would undoubtedly be a handmade patchwork quilt. One made up from facets of each of the communities and regions that it visits each year. A physical representation of said quilt is GTM’s Community Program, which continues to grow organically year on year.

We’re incredibly excited to be bringing a bunch of our most beloved community initiatives to all six regions in 2018. These range from work experience for budding festival lovers, to opportunities for local artists to showcase their wares, from chill out spaces to programs for disadvantaged youth.

Here’s an overview of our Community Program for 2018;

The Maker Station

The Maker Station is a free service where GTM ticket holders can get involved with some craft under the guidance of local artists and DIY experts at each show. The Station will be situated near the Universal Store Phone Charging Tent and each region will provide unique fun offerings from repurposed milk bottle water holders to DIY magazines to body painting and heaps more!


The legends at HEAPS GAY started a few years ago as a series of parties for LGBTIQ+ kids and their friends and has since become a regular party starter in the Sydney scene for anyone who wants to have fun and support good causes. Last year, our gr8 m8s created the super fun safe space The HEAPS GAY Milk Bar at GTM Canberra. This year, not only will the Milk Bar return to Canberra, it will also be spreading its glitter, good vibes, classic tunes and country drag to Maitland and Bunbury too.


Photo credit: Steve Astorga

Crafternoon Community Workshops

Tying in with our DIY-craft theme this year, we’ve been working with local community groups around the country who are in the process of creating handmade masterpieces that will come to life at our events. The brilliantly named Sgt. Peppers Homely Arts Club have been busy knitting together squares that will cover the fence lines at our Wayville show. Townsville’s Umbrella Arts Studio are building giant teepees to create some shady respite from the sun and there’s much more being created around the country at this very moment.

Powder Pen

Returning nationally in 2018 GTM’s Powder Pen will keep you looking festival fresh around the country! For a small donation, you can get a quick hair and make-up “zjoosh” thanks to local beauty, barbershop and hairdressing salons. A portion of proceeds from the Powder Pen will go back to the charity of the salons’ choice.

Photo credit: James Simpson

Shoot the Moo and Film the Moo!

As you may have seen on our social media earlier this week, we are thrilled to announce that this year’s Shoot the Moo AND Film the Moo comp is partnered with Grammy award winning Portugal. The Man!

Shoot the Moo (STM) is now in its 5th year and gives local, budding photographers the opportunity to shoot Portugal. The Man from the photographer’s pit at their local Groovin the Moo. This year, we’re so excited to give the same opportunity to local videographers with Film the Moo (FTM!

Judges will select one STM and one FTM winner from each region who will receive;

  • Two x Udder Mayhem tickets for them and a friend to their local show
  • A tour of the GTM site
  • A meet and greet with the band, Portugal. The Man
  • A GTM merch pack

The STM winner will get;

  • One photo pass, with access to the photo pit for Portugal. The Man for the first 3 songs
  • One-on-one time with professional photographer, Maclay Heriot, Portugal. The Man’s photographer, to receive some tips

The FTM winner will get;

  • One video pass, with access to the photo pit for Portugal. The Man for the first 3 songs, and additional access to the pit during Portugal. The Man’s performance of “Feel It Still”
  • One-on-one time with GTM’s touring videographer, Patrick Rohl from yeahsure. to receive some tips
  • The winners from each region will have their footage used in a video edit for Portugal. The Man, edited by GTM’s touring videographer.

Photo credit: Maclay Heriot

Ticket Exchange Program

GTM will be working with over 10 organisations across the country to engage local youth from families who are experiencing hardship, are at risk or are homeless. Invitations will be sent out to these local support groups, encouraging local youth to head along to GTM to experience a fun day of music festivities with their peers.

Work Experience

From humble beginnings at our first GTM (Gloucester NSW in 2005), where students from the local TAFE campuses were invited to gain insight and lend a hand with all things Moo, we now involve 18 education facilities around the country. These include high schools, tertiary institutions and community groups from each region and those who sign up can gain experience in a range of areas including Artist Liaison, Event, Production, Publicity and festival bump in and bump out.

Photo credit: James Simpson

For specific details on groups and businesses heading to your local GTM, please click on your relevant region below;








Main image photo credit: Jack Toohey

February 19


We’re super excited to announce that this year’s Shoot the Moo competition is partnered with Grammy award winning Portugal. The Man!

GTM is offering Australia’s most promising young photographers & videographers (yes, this year we’re opening up submissions to aspiring videographers too!) the opportunity to shoot Portugal. The Man direct from the photographers pit at your local Groovin the Moo!

Returning for its fifth year, Shoot the Moo offers budding snappers aged between 16 – 25 the opportunity to shoot Portugal. The Man from the photography pit, under the guidance of the band’s very own touring photographer, Maclay Heriot.

We are also super excited to launch Film the Moo this year, giving Australia’s most promising young videographers the opportunity to film Portugal. The Man from the photography pit, under the guidance of Groovin the Moo’s touring videographer, Patrick Rohl (yeahsure.)

All winners will also receive 2 xVIP tickets to your local GTM, a meet and greet with Portugal. The Man and an awesome prize pack. Entries are now open at! Last year we received over 1000 entries, so we suggest you get a moove on.



  1. Head to – scroll to the bottom of the page
  2. Select either ‘photos‘ or ‘videos‘ then fill out all the fields
  3. Hit the ‘Submit’ button!

Be sure to get all your family and friends to vote for your entry. There will also be one lucky People’s Choice winner nationally, that is the person with the highest number of votes!

Terms and conditions apply.

Photo T&C’s

Video T&C’s


Good luck!


Photo credit: Maclay Heriot

February 16

5 Key Moments from Ball Park Music’s album ‘GOOD MOOD’

It’s been far too long between drinks for Brisbane favourites Ball Park Music. Their follow up to 2016 LP ‘Every Night The Same Dream’ is a sonic 10-track journey full of good times, killer hooks and memorable moments, that’ll keep you coming back. This is Ball Park in their true element here – ambitious, playful and after four album releases, the band sees a return to their roots, sharing similarities to more of their earlier work. If you’re a fan of indie music in general, you’re going to love this!

We wanted to give you a little insight into BPM’s latest album by highlighting some key tracks you should get around;

Biggest singalong

‘Exactly How You Are’

The song says it all really. It’s an upbeat track full of unwavering happiness, a melody you can bop along to and lyrics that make you feel good. We can picture it now. It’s the song that will make you want to hold your best mates as you scream “I love you exactly, how you are” at the top of your lungs!

The perfect road trip song/s

‘I Am A Dog’

Do yourself a favour. Jump in the car, wind the windows down and blast this track. All round feel-good indie vibes that are a perfect fit for a Summer trip with some mates, making lasting memories along the way.

A song to inspire you/ a song to make up to

‘The Perfect Life Does Not Exist’

Inspired by a hangover, the track poses an important question; ‘What am I doing with my life”? But the thing you will come to realise by listening to this song is that the perfect life doesn’t exist! And that’s perfectly fine, and you should embrace it, and all will be ok 😊New motto to live by.

Funniest/best lyrics

‘Hands Off My Body’

The song literally talks about cutting off parts of your body; “I didn’t like my head so I chopped it off”, “I never liked my body so I chopped it off, ‘cmon”. With a sonic guitar riff underneath the lyrics, this strange but gnarly ripper of a track is totally left field but we bloody love it.

A song to serenade your mate to

‘I Am So In Love With You’

Brave, courageous and triumphant. Anyone who’s ever had someone special in their life, lovers or friends, will be able to relate to this track and we’re expecting cute moments/10 when this beautiful track gets played at GTM!





February 16

‘Get To Know’ – Cosmo’s Midnight x Winston Surfshirt

It’s the collaboration we never knew we needed, but have always dreamed of <3

With the Cosmo’s twins favouring electro-pop danceability and Winston drifting towards soulful R&B and electronica with a dash of surf-rock, you might have wondered how these two artists would fuse, but oh man, ‘Get To Know’ is a friccccccin banger!

It’s not the first time Winston Surfshirt have dabbled in the realm of electronic music either, featuring on Polographia’s 2016 hit ‘Sly’, which had us all shaking our booties. Now add this one and you’ve got 2/2 bootie shaking collab singles, and that’s a damn good track record if you ask us!

‘Get To Know’ has already been on repeat at HQ in the few hours that it’s been online, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be doing the same when you hear it.

ALSO! If you didn’t put it together already, both artists are on the Groovin the Moo 2018 line up, so the odds of them jumping on stage with each other to play this track live are high, but what do we know? 😉

Listen to ‘Get To Know’ right here:



February 13

Cattle Crew 2018

GTM are once again on the hunt for our Cattle Crew for 2018! We love each and every region we visit especially the people that make up those communities, so why wouldn’t we ask our local legends for their top tips and hot spots? That’s Cattle Crew!

Have a certain flair for photography, writing, content creation or just love a bit of old fashioned community involvement, even better! Maybe you have a favourite local barista that deserves a shout out, or you’re always the first to snap the best shot of #brunch?

If you are one, or all, of the above and have previously attended Groovin the Moo then we would love to hear from you!


But GTM, what does being a part of Cattle Crew mean?

There are lots of ways to get involved, have a look at some of the ideas below:

  • News Articles: Have a stab at writing a news article for the GTM website! We’d love you to give us and our audience an insight into what your town has to offer. The best coffee, record store, happy hour or art gallery?! Think about it like this: if you had a friend coming to stay, what are the places that you MUST take them!
  • You’ll be able to chat with your other Cattle Crew members via our FB group, so if you’re thinking about reviewing a café, for example, message the group and see if there is someone with photography skills that wants to come along and shoot.
  • Local Businesses: Are you buddies with a local business? Café, hair salon, bar – anything that our ticket holders may be interested in! What will entice GTM out-of-towners to visit their business? Two for one lunch deals? Discounted beauty services at the local salon? We’d love you to work with these local businesses to establish some deals for GTM ticket holders.
  • GTM Warm-Up Parties (Over 18 only): Maybe you want to plan your own event one day but need some hands-on experience? You can get involved with our warm up parties either throughout the planning process and/or help the bar staff deck out the venue with posters and props on the day.
  • Community Involvement Program: We already work with a bunch of great groups and initiatives in the GTM regions, but they could always use some extra hands helping out. You could give back to your local community by helping prepare for the fundraising stall on show day, or maybe one of our local artists need some assistance installing their installation! There are plenty of opportunities here, talk to Millie about how you can get involved.
  • Market Stalls: Head on down to your local markets and see if there is anyone that you think would be perfect for GTM! If so, grab their contact details!
  • Enviro Challenge: We always end up with excess scrim (that’s the lining you see along the fences at GTM!) and we want to ensure that this is recycled rather than just thrown away. That’s where you come in! The scrim can only really be reused in a garden setting, so we’d love you to reach out to our local nurseries in advance of GTM to arrange for them to pick up the leftover scrim after the event!
  • Content: Have an interest in photography or videography? Use your creative flair to create content that reflect the GTM community and show people the best parts about where you live. If this one is of interest to you, we can come up with some fun ideas together!


Sounds great! How do I apply?

That’s easy! All you need to do is fill out the form here.

Applications close on Tuesday 27th Feb at Midnight and successful applicants will be contacted a day or two later.

Good luck!


Photo credit: Danny Howe

February 08

Get To Know: SuperDuperKyle

GTM 2018 hits the road in less than three months, so while you wait impatiently, it’s time to get to know SuperDuperKyle, formely known as KYLE!

SoCal (South California) based Kyle Harvey is everything but your average rapper. The 24-year-old has the world at his feet, having already collaborated with the likes of G-Eazy, Chance the Rapper, Kehlani & Miguel. His 2016 breakout hit ‘iSpy’ ft. Lil Yachty now sits just shy of 400 million streams on Spotify and you’re about to find out why!


Growing up as a kid, Kyle was really into video games and calls himself a self-confessed nerd. Kyle loved writing and performing his own songs in his early days, and used his aunties computer to record demos. In high school, he discovered rap thanks to ‘Man On The Moon’ by Kid Cudi – one of his biggest inspirations. He started growing his fan base through social media and became a millennial star after uploading his tracks to YouTube. It was only a matter of time before he blew up!


The name itself has superhero qualities written all over it. This stems from Kyle consciously taking control of his life in high school and having a sudden, cathartic feeling of being invincible, almost like a superhero full of happiness. Placing the ‘SuperDuper’ onto his name is his way of letting people know he can do or be anything he wants to be. This theme can definitely be seen throughout his songs and performances, referencing video game characters and superheroes.


Sunny-pop rap you’d sing along to with your best mates at a party on the weekend.

Similar to: Drake, Chance The Rapper, Kid Cudi, G-Eazy


He jumped on the scene officially with Beautiful Loser in 2013 and followed up with Smyle in 2015. His overall aim was to bring that feel-good attitude back to hip hop, with a slice of relatability for millennials like him growing up, and he succeeded. Both albums generated millions of streams online and a whole heap of press from The New York Times, Complex and he featured atop the list of Rolling Stones ‘Artists You Need To Know’. It wasn’t long before he snagged supporting tour slots with both Chance The Rapper and G-Eazy before headlining his own national tour.

In and amongst wrapping up filming for Netflix original comedy ‘The After Party’, starring him as the lead role, he released close to 10 singles in 2017 and collaborated with Ty Dolla $ign, D.R.A.M. & Miguel to name just a few! Expect a new album to be heading your way in 2018!


HIGH ENERGY – You can expect to see a hectic set full of fun with Kyle’s SuperDuperCrew ft. MC SuperDuperBrick on stage, pumping up the crowd before the real party gets started!

VIDEO GAME/POP CULTURE REFERENCES – Samples, samples and more samples of some of your childhood fave videogames and movies are used throughout Kyle’s entire set. From sounds, visuals and choreographed sequences from Mario, Star Wars & more!

DANCING – It’s not just an average rap set either, there’s a ton of impressive choreography happening on stage, so get your dance moves ready people!

CROWD SURFING – If you think average crowd surfing is impressive, we hope you’re ready to see Kyle go next level with this. He finds the swell wherever he performs, bringing his surfboard to every show and legitimately crowd surfs and raps towards the end of the show! Total Kodak moment.


You can (literally) catch SuperDuperKyle crowd surfing at Groovin the Moo 2018! Get your tickets HERE.

February 07

Portugal. The Man ‘Keep On’ getting better with new music video!

The PTM boys have been fairly busy as of late, alongside taking home Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, they’ve revealed a new music video for ‘Keep On’ fresh off their 2017 Woodstock album!

*Heads up! The video is a bit NSFW*

‘Keep On’ takes you down a fairly different path than their hit ‘Feel It Still’ though it’s definitely still got earworm potential after a few listens! The video clip utilises sleek 3D animation to explore notions of self-love, acceptance and sexuality while taking you on a technicolour trip of sound and visuals, with some moments best left unmentioned!

A bold clip and a ripper of a track, Portugal. The Man we can’t get enough of you!

February 02

No No Viagogo!

It’s that crazy time of the year again where tickets for GTM go on sale. It can be quite a stressful time for many, especially if you’re a parent looking to purchase your child a ticket.

There are an increasing number of third-party websites such as Viagogo now scalping/reselling tickets unofficially for Groovin the Moo without our permission. Sadly each year there are a number of our music-goers falling into this trap and purchasing expensive tickets, leaving them bitterly frustrated by it all.

We’ve created a guide for everything you need to know about Viagogo, and the signs you should look out for before purchasing a ticket to GTM 2018.



Viagogo is an unofficial online ticketing resale website.

The site enables people to buy and resell tickets to concerts, sporting events, theatre performances and music festivals. Sellers are able to set the ticket price, not always in accordance to the original ticket price set by a festival.

The site is usually listed at the top of a Google search, but that doesn’t mean it’s an official ticketing outlet!

Once on the website, you may see visual cues with flashy wording like ‘tickets almost gone’ prompting you to panic and make an impulsive purchase. DON’T DO IT!



You think you may be purchasing a ticket to Groovin the Moo 2018, but this may not always be the case. There have been many cases of multiple ticket purchasers being sold duplicates of the same ticket, tickets not being delivered on time, the wrong ticket types being listed, and of course fake tickets being listed. There are also multiple hidden booking and delivery fees not mentioned until after purchase, which all make for a shady transaction.



Essentially, you’re purchasing a ticket from a ticket scalper.

Ticket scalpers use this platform to make dodgy profits by excessively overcharging you for a ticket, generally over 100-300% higher than our original ticket pricing. The seller’s identity is never truly known by you before purchasing either.



We do not deem Viagogo to be safe. They are not an affiliated ticketing outlet of ours. Moshtix are our official online ticketing outlet. We cannot guarantee the legitimacy or safety of your purchase if you buy through a third-party site. We don’t want you being robbed hundreds of dollars and left without a ticket.



Our GTM alumni The Rubens have been quite outspoken regarding Viagogo and in the UK, members of parliament along with Ed Sheeran’s promoter went to the Viagogo head office and were turned down after they demanded answers about their business practices. In general, it’s a highly controversial website with questionable business practices. In December of last year, Fair Trading NSW announced Viagogo had claimed the top spot on their monthly complaints register and is officially NSW’s most complained about online trader, stating they receive hundreds of complaints and enquiries relating to dodgy tickets. The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) has launched it’s own investigation into the Swiss company and is taking them to court.



If your ticket doesn’t match your ID, you will not gain entry to Groovin the Moo. Normally, if you purchase a ticket from a friend, they are able to log into their moshtix account and reissue the ticket into your name. With Viagogo, there is no direct contact with the person that is actually selling the ticket to you, so it can be an extremely difficult process, if not impossible to reissue the ticket into your name therefore making the ticket invalid.


Request a refund from Viagogo

Reaching out to their customer support has proven to be quite difficult for customers. Viagogo’s Terms & Conditions have a way around giving people their money back as they’re a platform connecting the buyer & seller, it’s not actually them facilitating the purchase *rolls eyes* but it’s worth getting in contact with them if you’ve been sold a fake ticket.

Verify ticket with moshtix

As all of our ticketing is run through moshtix, you may be able to submit a request to moshtix, asking them if they can verify the legitimacy of your ticket. However, bare in mind this could be a ticket that has been sold multiple times, once again making it invalid.

Consult your local police or the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

If Viagogo are unable to offer you a refund, consider taking further action by calling your local police or filing a consumer complaint with the ACCC.



Basically any sites that don’t direct you to or moshtix you should not purchase from. (Soundmart Tours is also an official seller for Maitland, Canberra and Bunbury)

Viagogo have set up a dodgy Facebook page called ‘Australia & New Zealand Events’ and have started creating Facebook events for live music shows and festivals containing a ticket link that goes directly to their Viagogo website.

We urge you to stay away from getting sucked into these pages. The official Groovin the Moo Facebook event pages will ONLY be created by us, linking you to the official ticketing pages.



The ONLY place you should be purchasing GTM 2018 tickets online from is or moshtix, unless you’re purchasing a ticket off someone you know and trust. Soundmart Tours is also an official seller for Maitland, Canberra and Bunbury with their travel bundles.




General Sale

If you missed out on our pre-sale, fret not!

General Sale tickets go live for Wayville, Maitland & Canberra on the 6th Feb at 8AM local time & Bendigo, Townsville & Bunbury on the 7th FEB at 8AM [HERE]


Official Resale

Our official resale facility will once again be available when tickets for our shows are exhausted, so stay tuned to our socials for all the latest regarding our resale!


A friend you trust

If you have a friend and they would like to offer you their ticket, they’ll need to log into their moshtix account and select the ‘reissue ticket’ option to place the ticket into your name. This will incur a $6 fee and will be emailed to them.


Remember, when you see Viagogo, always say no no!

January 30

The #GTM2018 line up is here!

It’s true, Groovin the Moo’s 2018 line up is as full as your nanna’s knitting bag!

We’ve woven together a stacked line up that will be weaving it’s way into six regions around Australia over three consecutive weekends this April/May! We’ll be throwing the gates open for a huge day of country hospitality, seriously fun times and incredible music.

So, with all this in mind, please welcome your GTM 2018 artists, in alphabetical order;











Marshalled by;



With triple j Unearthed, Fresh Produce artists and Community programs to be announced!


Our GTM 2018 line up has something for everyone – from those you’ve only just discovered like Alex Lahey to artists you and your entire family love like Paul Kelly!

You’ll also spot some artists in there that did very well in the triple j Hottest 100 including Vera Blue (#15 ‘Regular Touch’ and #29 ‘Mended’), Baker Boy (#17 ‘Marryuna’), Ball Park Music (#18 ‘Exactly How You Are’), Winston Surfshirt (#27 ‘Be About You’) along with a stack of international guests that we’re stoked to have joining us!

Lady Leshurr (UK), Aminé (USA), Duke Dumont (UK) and Claptone (GER) will keep your feet moving, there’ll be epic singalong’s with Portugal. The Man (USA), face melting rock from powerhouse duo Royal Blood (UK) and heaps of other artists to discover.


triple j Unearthed

Like last year and plenty of years before that, triple j are on the lookout for one artist from each GTM region to add to the 2018 lineup. Past winners include legends like SAFIA, Coda Conduct and Timberwolf and we can’t wait to uncover more gems this year. The competition is open now and all you need to do is have your best tunes up on the triple j Unearthed website by midnight on Sunday 25 February. For more info, head here!

There’ll be heaps of news coming via our socials including details of how you can get involved with your nearest GTM like the Shoot the Moo competition (follow the new @shootthemoo insta page) and the return of our beloved Cattle Crew.


No doubt at this point you’re yelling at your screen asking, “how do I get my hands on these tickets?!” well friends, here’s the info you need to know:



GTM 2018 National Pre-sale

Wednesday 31 January 8AM local time – Saturday 3 February 5PM local time (or until allocation is exhausted)

NOTE: Pre-sale code will be released via our Instagram story from 5PM today. Add @groovinthemoo on Instagram to get it!

Wayville | Maitland | Canberra tickets on sale

Tuesday 6 February 8AM local time

Bendigo | Townsville | Bunbury tickets on sale

Wednesday 7 February 8AM local time

Tickets are available online via or, by phoning 1300 GET TIX (438 849), or at local outlets (visit our website for a full list of outlets in your area).



moshtix is the only official online ticketing outlet. We urge you to double check you are purchasing from moshtix only, and not a third-party ticketing website (such as ViaGoGo, Gumtree, ebay etc). We cannot confirm the legitimacy of any tickets purchased via a third-party ticketing outlet and don’t want to see our genuine GTM fans scammed out of their money.

To save you from any extra stress, ensure you already have a moshtix account (and you know your username and password!) and if not, then don’t forget to sign up for an account asap!

If you are purchasing on behalf of your friends, make sure you have everyone’s full name and date of birth ready to go – double check these! If you need to reissue a ticket for the incorrect spelling or DOB, there is a $6 reissue fee, so make sure it’s correct to start with!

We also have a few official ticketing outlets in each region so if you’re keen for a face to face transaction, head to the Info page on our website.

GTM is a licensed all ages event.


Check out our Spotify playlist and start getting pumped for #GTM2018!


January 23


There’s only ONE WEEK until the Groovin the Moo 2018 line up announcement enters your life, which also means it’s time to make sure you’re all set for when tickets go on sale!

Here’s everything you need to know:

National pre-sale

Our pre-sale tickets go on sale 31st January 2018, 8:00am local time.

Tickets are $113.95 (including booking fee).

NOTE: Pre-sale ends Saturday 3rd February at 5:00pm local time* unless allocation exhausted prior.

To get access to these lil babies, you’ll need a pre-sale code. You will be able to find the pre-sale code by heading to our Instagram account @groovinthemoo from 5pm (AEDT) on the 30th January and heading to our Instagram story.

Pre-sale tickets available from or by heading straight to moshtix.

General Sale

Wayville, Maitland and Canberra! Your General admission tickets go on sale 6th February, 8:00am local time*

Bendigo, Townsville and Bunbury! Your general admission tickets go on sale 7th February, 8:00am local time*

Tickets are $119.50 (including booking fee) and are available from or by heading straight to moshtix.

NOTE: All tickets are General Admission – we do not sell ‘Over 18’ and ‘Under 18’ tickets. You will get the correct wristband on entry based on your date of birth (your photo ID and the DOB on the ticket will be checked to ensure they match).

Udder Mayhem

Udder Mayhem tickets are available for all GTM shows for people 18 years and older.

You’ll be treated to an exclusive hangout area featuring your own bar and viewing platform to catch an intimate view of your fave acts! Plus, the bonus of your own private toilets (always a win!).

Ticket price is $174.50 (including booking fee) and are available from or directly from moshtix.

NOTE: Udder Mayhem tickets are strictly available to patrons 18 years and over, and are not available in the pre-sale. You will only be able to purchase this ticket upgrade during the general sale on the 6th and 7th of Feb.


Moshtix is the only official ticketing outlet. We urge you to double check you are purchasing from only, and not a third-party ticketing website (such as Viagogo, Gumtree, eBay etc). We cannot confirm the legitimacy of any tickets purchased via a third-party ticketing outlet and don’t want to see our genuine music fans get scammed!

To save you from any extra stress, ensure you already have a moshtix account (and you know your username and password!) and if not, then don’t forget to sign up for an account ahead of sale day! You’ll also need to make sure you have your payment details ready!

If you are purchasing on behalf of your friends, make sure you have everyone’s full name and date of birth ready to go – double check these! If you need to reissue a ticket for the incorrect spelling or DOB at time of purchase, there is a $6 reissue fee, so make sure it’s correct to start with!

NOTE: A maximum of 4 tickets can be purchased per moshtix account.

Hard tickets / ticketing outlets

If you miss out online or wish to purchase a hard ticket, we have a number of outlets in each region selling tickets to GTM 2018 (for their local show only). You’ll be able to find the list of outlets on our website when it launches on 30th Jan.

Hard tickets are $120.


Buses will once again be running to and from each show. Bus tickets can either be purchased directly through moshtix, or directly with the bus company – depending on which show you are attending. For further info on buses and routes, stay tuned to our website and socials.


GTM is a licensed, all ages event. BUT if you’re under 16 years of age, be sure to check with your parents before buying your ticket.

*local time means the time in the region. i.e. if you live in Melbourne, and wish to purchase a ticket for Wayville, you’ll need to be online at 8:00am Wayville time to purchase a ticket for that show.

December 11

The countdown to the GTM 2018 line up announcement begins!

That’s right, Moo crew! The countdown is officially on to the GTM 2018 line up announcement!

Get your smart phone’s out once again and add this date to your calendar – 30th January, 2018 “GTM 2018 LINE UP ANNOUNCEMENT!” because this is one alarm you don’t want to sleep through!

Once you’ve seen how EPIC our line up is on 30th January, you’re going to want to know how you can secure your ticket asap! Here’s the deets and dates;

GTM 2018 National Pre-sale:

Wednesday 31 January 8am local time – Saturday 3 February 5pm local time.

You will require a code for the pre-sale! You’ll find the pre-sale code via our Instagram story from 5pm on 30 January. Add @groovinthemoo on Instagram to get it!

GTM 2018 General Sale:

Tuesday 6 February 8am local time:

Wayville/Maitland/Canberra tickets on sale

Wednesday 7 February 8am local time:

Bendigo/Townsville/Bunbury tickets on sale


Can’t wait to party with you all in 2018!

Photo credit: Danny Howe

GTM is a licensed all ages event and recommended for persons 16 years and older. If you’re under 16, please check with your parents before purchasing a ticket.

November 22

Limited Xmas Pre-Sale: Everything You Need To Know

“All I want for Christmas is…. A GTM 2018 TICKET!” we hear you say!

Well here’s all the details you’ll need to pass on to Santa to ensure that golden ticket is sitting in your stocking on Christmas morning!

  • Our limited Christmas pre-sale kicks off on Friday 1st December 8:00AM local time (for all shows) and will run until Friday 8th December 5:00PM, unless sold out prior.
  • Tickets cost $99.90 + booking fee
  • Make sure you have your moshtix login details all ready to go – you don’t want to get stitched up by forgetting your log in details at check out!
  • When purchasing, ensure you put in the correct details of each attendee (if purchasing for your friends as well), including their FULL NAME and DATE OF BIRTH. Please double check these deets, including spelling, with your mates before you purchase.
  • The limited Christmas pre-sale is for General Admission tickets only.  NOTE: General Admission tickets are for both under and over 18 years of age – it’s your D.O.B that determines which wristband you get on entry. If you’re after an Udder Mayhem ticket, you’ll have to wait until our general sale next year.
  • Maximum of four (4) tickets per moshtix account can be purchased.
  • Ensure you’re purchasing from
  • Remember, viagogo = viaNONO! Same goes for eBay or gumtree – we cannot guarantee the legitimacy of tickets purchased through these outlets, so save yourself the disappointment and avoid these site’s completely.
  • Please read the Conditions of Purchase before buying your ticket.

If you do miss out this round, or if you want to wait until you’ve seen the line up first, you’ve still got TWO more opportunities to snap up your ticket! Our usual pre-sale will happen in February after the line-up announcement, followed by our general sale. Stay tuned to our socials for all the deets on these and on our line up announcement!

P.S. GTM 2017 sold out in record time this year… just saying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Groovin the Moo is a licensed, all ages event. BUT if you’re under 16 years of age, make sure you check with your parents before buying your ticket.


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