Bass-heavy and bombastic, frenetic yet lush, the music of Slumberjack is born from its Perth-based creators’ passion for contrast. Made up of DJ/producers Morgan Then (a 23-year-old Borneo-bred concert pianist and former world-music artist) and Fletcher Ehlers (a 21-year-old Australian native who taught himself to make electronic music at age 11), the duo dig into their disparate backgrounds to push into thrillingly original sonic territory.

Formed in 2013, Slumberjack initially honed their production skills by making remixes, but quickly went on to shape their own sound by playing off the contrasts at the heart of their collaboration. The result: an elaborately textured, artfully crafted brand of electronic music that’s kaleidoscopic in sound and intense in energy.

Steadily building a following through their “Slumbercams” (social-media-shared hangout footage of Then and Ehlers) and a self-financed tour around Australia, Slumberjack released their breakthrough single “Felon” through Perth-based collective Die High Records in June 2014. One month later, the duo signed to Onelove and set to work on their self-titled debut (which went on to hit #2 on the iTunes electronic chart soon after its release). By the end of the year they’d not only taken the stage at Stereosonic, but also racked up about 2.5 million plays on SoundCloud and made their way into major rotation on the Australian national radio station triple j.

With their musical influences stemming from things like film scores and Mongolian prayer music and Gregorian chants, it’s fair to say Slumberjack are emerging as one of the most exciting and daringly creative acts within Australia’s electronic music scene.

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April 13

When I Grow Up…

When you’re young, you always dream of what you’re going to be when you grow up… from a Ballerina to an Astronaut and everything in between. The artists on our line up are no different!

Before they hit the big time, they too had ambitions and dreams – some of them coming close to where they are today! We asked a few of them what they dreamed of becoming when they were a young’un… here are their answers!



“I wanted to be a basketball player who rapped on the side. Now I’m a rapper who plays basketball on the side so that’s okay.”

Amy Shark

“There were a few… Tennis player, Actress and FBI agent (I was obsessed with Scully and Mulder).”

Hayden James

“When I was a kid I wanted to be a Machinery Vibration Specialist, but in the end I didn’t get the marks so I had to be a musician.”


“Morgan wanted to be a fireman and then aspired to be a stock broker. Fletcher wanted to be a robot scientist and later thought to be a chemical engineer. Look where we are now.”

Wil Wagner from The Smith Street Band

“Exactly what I am now except better looking and more successful!”

James Carter from Snakehips


Sam Hales from The Jungle Giants

“There was a long time there where I wanted to be a jazz drummer. Studied up a lot and started playing in the young jazz band at the Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane.

It was an obsession for a good while and then a friend of mine at school wanted to start a band… That kind of ended the jazz train for me and put me on to writing.”

Michael Richards from Violent Soho

“I always wanted to be a rock star. I got pretty close by becoming a rock drummer which is definitely something I can learn to live with.”

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