Public Service Broadcasting

Public Service Broadcasting formed in London in 2009 when the pseudonymous J. Willgoose, Esq. (whose stage name was adopted in honour of his uncle George Willgoose, who died at Dunkirk) and the mononymous Wrigglesworth teamed up and began to develop an ingenious technique of laying classic cinema clips and evocative excerpts from old Public Information Films from the British Film Institute’s archives over sleek, streamlined, Krautrock-inspired instrumental backing tracks. You may have heard of Math Rock: this is History Rock.

Early singles ‘EP ONE’ and ‘ROYGBIV’ caused minimal ripples, but when BBC 6Music began giving heavy rotation to The War Room EP in 2012, notably the tracks ‘Spitfire’ and ‘London Can Take It’, Public Service Broadcasting began to connect with a hitherto-unimagined audience who were ready for, and receptive to, PSB’s unique fusion of art-rock and social documentary. The Reithian rock of the band’s 2013 debut album Inform – Educate – Entertain, released on their own Test Card Recordings label, consolidated their signature style, and took the duo to No.21 in the charts. Its successor, the self-explanatory The Race For Space, fared better still, reaching No.11 in 2015 and propelling the band to a level where they were able to fill Brixton Academy, as immortalised on the 2016 concert recording Live At Brixton.

The band’s third studio album, Every Valley, was released in 2017 with its narrative surrounding topics of WWII, the Space Race and the industrial decline in South Wales. Public Service Broadcasting have never made a record which speaks as powerfully and eloquently as Every Valley. Let PSB take you on a journey!

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