Portugal. The Man

First, John got some parental tough love from his old man, who called John on the proverbial carpet or dogsled or whatever you put people on when you want to yell at them in Alaska. “What’s taking so long to finish the album?” John’s dad said. “Isn’t that what bands do? Write songs and then put them out?” Like fathers and unlicensed therapists tend to do, John’s dad cut him deep.

Second, fate stuck its wiener in John’s ear again when he found his dad’s ticket stub from the original 1969 Woodstock music festival. It seems like a small thing, but talking to his dad about Woodstock ’69 knocked something loose in John’s head. He realized that, in the same tradition of bands from that era, Portugal. The Man needed to speak out about the world crumbling around them. With these two ideas converging, the band made a seemingly bat-shit-crazy decision: they took all of the work they had done for the three years prior and they threw it out.

It wasn’t easy and there was the constant threat that the band’s record label might have them killed, but the totally insane decision paid off. With new, full-on, musical boners, the band went back to the studio – working with John Hill (In The Mountain In The Cloud), Danger Mouse (Evil Friends), Mike D (Everything Cool), and long time collaborator Casey Bates (The one consistent producer since the first record).

In this new-found creative territory, the album that became Woodstock rolled out naturally from there and you’ll get to see it in the flesh at GTM 2018.

Artist Moos

February 07

Portugal. The Man ‘Keep On’ getting better with new music video!

The PTM boys have been fairly busy as of late, alongside taking home Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, they’ve revealed a new music video for ‘Keep On’ fresh off their 2017 Woodstock album!

*Heads up! The video is a bit NSFW*

‘Keep On’ takes you down a fairly different path than their hit ‘Feel It Still’ though it’s definitely still got earworm potential after a few listens! The video clip utilises sleek 3D animation to explore notions of self-love, acceptance and sexuality while taking you on a technicolour trip of sound and visuals, with some moments best left unmentioned!

A bold clip and a ripper of a track, Portugal. The Man we can’t get enough of you!

February 19


We’re super excited to announce that this year’s Shoot the Moo competition is partnered with Grammy award winning Portugal. The Man!

GTM is offering Australia’s most promising young photographers & videographers (yes, this year we’re opening up submissions to aspiring videographers too!) the opportunity to shoot Portugal. The Man direct from the photographers pit at your local Groovin the Moo!

Returning for its fifth year, Shoot the Moo offers budding snappers aged between 16 – 25 the opportunity to shoot Portugal. The Man from the photography pit, under the guidance of the band’s very own touring photographer, Maclay Heriot.

We are also super excited to launch Film the Moo this year, giving Australia’s most promising young videographers the opportunity to film Portugal. The Man from the photography pit, under the guidance of Groovin the Moo’s touring videographer, Patrick Rohl (yeahsure.)

All winners will also receive 2 xVIP tickets to your local GTM, a meet and greet with Portugal. The Man and an awesome prize pack. Entries are now open at www.shootthemoo.com! Last year we received over 1000 entries, so we suggest you get a moove on.



  1. Head to shootthemoo.com – scroll to the bottom of the page
  2. Select either ‘photos‘ or ‘videos‘ then fill out all the fields
  3. Hit the ‘Submit’ button!

Be sure to get all your family and friends to vote for your entry. There will also be one lucky People’s Choice winner nationally, that is the person with the highest number of votes!

Terms and conditions apply.

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Good luck!


Photo credit: Maclay Heriot

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