Ball Park Music

Formed in 2008 when 6 young kids met on a music technology course at the University of Queensland, the unnamed band found themselves with a gig and opted to use lead singer Sam Cromack’s teenage solo performance name, Ball Park Music, as the moniker. 

After 2 EP’s, the band released their debut album Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs, which sounded like seasoned songwriters had found a new spark. Then came the next record. AND the next. Museum upped the atmosphere and the ante with ‘Surrender’ dipping their pop smarm in earnest psychedelia, once again like a band older than probably their combined years.

By Puddinghead, Cromack was a fully-blown producer. He built them a fully-formed psychedelic rabbit hole which they jumped down and mucked about in, while still keeping a tongue in the cheek next to the bitten hand that fed them (certainly with better metaphors than that). It’s not just the nerd-level musicianship that BPM have, but Sam’s laconic but spot-on vocals, Jennifer’s bass and next-level harmonies, Paul’s Don Walker-like piano lines and the occasional trombone breakout, and Dean and Dan’s psychic-sibling-shredding.

For their latest album, Every Night the Same Dream, BPM headed to a studio in regional Victoria, plugged all their gear in, and tracked the music LIVE onto ANALOGUE TAPE (look it up kids). No Pro-Tooled layers, no “fixing it in post”. All the instruments onto a four-track tape machine. Like the good old days, apparently, when if even one of you got something wrong you had to go back and start the song again. Sounds heaps fun. But for these genius psychopath savants, it probably was.

Rounding out 2017 by releasing ‘The Perfect Life Does Not Exist’, BPM show no signs of slowing down. This is a band who are not only great writers and players, but a band who have that trust between members to play the right stuff at the right time.

Artist Moos

February 16

5 Key Moments from Ball Park Music’s album ‘GOOD MOOD’

It’s been far too long between drinks for Brisbane favourites Ball Park Music. Their follow up to 2016 LP ‘Every Night The Same Dream’ is a sonic 10-track journey full of good times, killer hooks and memorable moments, that’ll keep you coming back. This is Ball Park in their true element here – ambitious, playful and after four album releases, the band sees a return to their roots, sharing similarities to more of their earlier work. If you’re a fan of indie music in general, you’re going to love this!

We wanted to give you a little insight into BPM’s latest album by highlighting some key tracks you should get around;

Biggest singalong

‘Exactly How You Are’

The song says it all really. It’s an upbeat track full of unwavering happiness, a melody you can bop along to and lyrics that make you feel good. We can picture it now. It’s the song that will make you want to hold your best mates as you scream “I love you exactly, how you are” at the top of your lungs!

The perfect road trip song/s

‘I Am A Dog’

Do yourself a favour. Jump in the car, wind the windows down and blast this track. All round feel-good indie vibes that are a perfect fit for a Summer trip with some mates, making lasting memories along the way.

A song to inspire you/ a song to make up to

‘The Perfect Life Does Not Exist’

Inspired by a hangover, the track poses an important question; ‘What am I doing with my life”? But the thing you will come to realise by listening to this song is that the perfect life doesn’t exist! And that’s perfectly fine, and you should embrace it, and all will be ok 😊New motto to live by.

Funniest/best lyrics

‘Hands Off My Body’

The song literally talks about cutting off parts of your body; “I didn’t like my head so I chopped it off”, “I never liked my body so I chopped it off, ‘cmon”. With a sonic guitar riff underneath the lyrics, this strange but gnarly ripper of a track is totally left field but we bloody love it.

A song to serenade your mate to

‘I Am So In Love With You’

Brave, courageous and triumphant. Anyone who’s ever had someone special in their life, lovers or friends, will be able to relate to this track and we’re expecting cute moments/10 when this beautiful track gets played at GTM!





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